Troubleshoot Your Pipes and Plumbing Issues

Troubleshoot Your Pipes and Plumbing Issues

Make necessary repairs by hiring a plumber in Bangor, ME

If you're having trouble with your toilet or sink, trying to fix it yourself might only make the problem worse. Get in touch with Harley Plumbing & Heating Plus to send a plumber to your home.

The right plumber can take care of:

  • Water heater maintenance
  • Leak repair
  • New toilet installation
  • Emergency services
  • Drain cleaning

Call 207-990-2200 today to speak with a skilled plumber in Bangor, ME.

Create your custom home with new construction plumbing

Every new home needs a few essential installations like heating, ventilation and insulation. One of the most important of these is new construction plumbing. You don't want to move into a house without proper pipes installed.

Constructing a new office building? We're available for commercial plumbing in addition to residential plumbing. For any general plumbing services you need, you can turn to us.

Contact us today to set up new construction plumbing in Bangor, ME.