Replace Your Failing Boiler

Replace Your Failing Boiler

Stay warm this winter with the right heating installation in Bangor & Hampden, ME

As the temperature drops, you can stay cozy and comfortable thanks to Harley Plumbing & Heating Plus. Schedule heating installation to keep your home at a reasonable temperature no matter how cold it gets outside.

Sign up for our heat life plan to stay warm and dry all year long. You'll have access to:

  • Discounted rates
  • Annual maintenance
  • Free emergency repairs

Call 207-990-2200 today to ask about heating installation in Bangor, Hampden, ME or a surrounding area.

Heat your whole home by getting a boiler installation

Replace your old heating unit with our boiler installation services. You can keep your family snug and warm without needing to make a ton of repairs. Install a new boiler or a new gas system when yours sputters out for the last time.

Once your new boiler has been installed, you'll stay toasty warm. If a problem arises with the new oil boiler, we can come back to your home and complete any repairs necessary.

Contact us now to schedule boiler installation in Bangor, Hampden, ME or a surrounding area.