Discover the Story Behind Our Organization

Discover the Story Behind Our Organization

Learn more about our heating and plumbing services in Bangor, Hampden, ME and surrounding areas

When you notice any problem with your plumbing fixtures or your boiler, reach out to us. Harley Plumbing & Heating Plus has developed a reputation for reliable plumbing services with our advanced tools and dedicated team members. Since 1978, we have evolved from a one-man plumbing operation to a full battalion of helpful technicians.

No matter when your plumbing breaks down, you can get in touch with a plumber on our team. We're available 24 hours a day to work on your plumbing systems. No one's plumbing system works on a strict schedule. Chances are, you'll experience plumbing issues at the most inconvenient hour. That's why we're always available to call.

Call 207-990-2200 now to request our plumbing services in Bangor, ME.

Heat your home with the help of trusted professionals

As our service areas have expanded, our commitment to the Harley Plumbing & Heating Plus legacy only strengthens. Your heating system is in good hands. Furnaces require constant maintenance, cleaning and adjustments. We'll provide that for you.

We'll also treat you personally and cordially throughout the whole repair or replacement process.

Contact us today to restore your heating system.